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February Arden’s Vale Update

Generic Walkcycle

Generic Walkcycle

The game’s coming along nicely, but I don’t want to give too much away just yet.  I will say, however, that the whole thing has been scaled back considerably from a full-length game to a medium-length one.  Originally the story called for a large number of NPCs that you’d encounter in the town of Arden’s Vale.  Instead of reanimating every one from scratch, I decided to create a “generic man” walking animation.

The walkcycle is meant to be painted on top of using layers, like in PhotoShop or GIMP (which is what I use).  After you create the character’s head, for example, you simply paste it onto each frame of the walkcycle.  Later, when you need to put it all into the game, the sprites are already evenly placed for quick group imports into AGS.

It always takes some tweaking, but the results aren’t bad at all!  The character even has perfectly smooth stepping if you set them to move 4 pixels in the x-axis and 2 in the y.


Generic to Specific Walkcycle

Here’s a sample from start to finish…  Introducing the enchanter!  Do note the fuzzy purple slippers.

Feel free to download and use generic man.  If the sprites are the size you need, this just might save you loads of time!