March in Arden’s Vale

Here’s a nice shot of the outside of the castle.  This is one of the backgrounds I’m most pleased with, especially considering where it started out! This screenshot also shows off the main icon bar.  All icons, graphics, GUIs, animations, and backgrounds in the game are 100% original.

Here’s the castle hallway.  This room actually has a nice fake parallaxing effect; as your character walks across the screen, the pillars in front, the pathway below, and the wall ahead all animate as if you’re walking by them.  This also shows the mouseover helper text.  I always hate it in games when I can’t tell what in the background is important and what isn’t.  Important objects here have the helper text.  This feature can be turned off, or the text can be displayed at the top of the screen.

I’m almost there!  A few more edits, a bit of music, and we’re ready to release.  I’m thinking early July.  We’ll see how close I come.

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