And… Cut!

It’s a wrap! Arden’s Vale v1.0 was officially released last night at an hour that I’d prefer not to divulge. I hate to admit it, but Arden’s Vale was my first game.

Download awesome adventure here.

But why is that bad, you ask? Because it was much too ambitious a project. The original story calls for a game easily six times longer. A nice Sierra-size full quest. And me, being an idiot, decided to tackle it. I figured after about 3 months, I’d have the enchanter’s castle (which is the entire current game) done. And after three months of work, I had the following shameful game:

Download shameful early version of the game here.


The puzzles had all been mapped out (except the raven, which came later, as the original puzzle was rather stupid), but I’d hardly even made it into the castle, much less animated anything past the walkcycle or drawn a background worth looking at. The one redeeming graphic – the force field – was rendered straight from GIMP using my 0 artistic talent.

Long story short: to make this game I had to learn to script (from YouTube, using densming’s videos), draw (using YouTube again, as well as an awesome book by Ted Smuskiewicz, which is, I believe, his real name), and reseed all the hair I pulled out. I’ve got a very patient wife to thank, who let me work on it so hard for so long, when I probably should have been taking her to the movies.


The point? I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad it’s done. I’m glad it ended up being such decent quality, considering where I started out. Just don’t ever, ever, ever, ever let me do that again. Next game: Either one room, or with a whole lot of help.

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