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Pride is evasive…

Well, Arden’s Vale v1.1 is released! And it’s better than it used to be. I’ve fixed every bug I know about, added music, animations, and an additional cutscene.

So far, the game’s got good reviews. It’s entertaining and the puzzles aren’t frustrating. It’s short, but has some replay value. It’s got some suspense, but plenty of quirky humor. It does everything I hoped it would.

So why am I still not happy with it?

Well, I still hate the monochrome floors, the lack of convincing lighting, the monotony of the death-by-enchanter endings, the lack of depth in the story, the shortcuts I took in the animations, etc. It’s hard to take a lot of pride in something that falls so short of the vision you had when you started.

But I really think I’m well and truly done. It’s like the songs I wrote in high school. Looking back, they’ve got so much potential, but if I try to go rewrite and rewrite and rewrite them, I’ll never finish them or write anything else.

So learn what you can, move on, and make the next thing better, I suppose. And at least I can take pride in knowing that somewhere in Serbia, someone played my game.

I’ve always liked Ben304…

If you’ve never played Shifter’s Box or Eternally Us, you’ve missed out on some amazing AGS games. Ben304 always has delightful graphics, clever puzzles, and a fun atmosphere behind all of his games.

But now I like him personally. He just picked Arden’s Vale as the AGS Game of the Month! Thanks to everybody who has already played, reviewed, or rated the game. I’ve never published anything like this online before, and it’s delightful to see where the game keeps turning up.

I only wish I’d gotten v1.1 finished a week earlier… It’s almost done, I swear!