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Help and Support

This morning I decided to try out some new software, which is always a bit iffy on a computer as old as the one I’m running. One of the requirements said that if I was fool enough to try installing the thing on Windows XP, I’d better have the 32-bit version. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that particular bit of information, so I decided to check.

Being the logical sort of person I am, I decided to go to the Windows Control Panel and look under “System Properties,” which didn’t say which version of Windows I was using, other than the fact it was Version 2002 (making it 10 years old… Now that’s a scary thought).

Before going online, I decided to click on the “Help and Support” button in the Start Menu, which led me directly to writing my first blog post in almost six months. Windows helpfully and supportively sent me the following message:

Windows Help and Support Error